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Menchies John Di Lemme

Sugary Sweet Treats and Customer Service with a Smile!

While visiting North Carolina, my wife, Christie and I found a great frozen yogurt shop called Menchies.  As we entered the brightly colored store,...
bee's knees john di lemme

This Customer Service was Truly the Bee’s Knees!

When we saw that Hurricane Irma was headed toward South Florida, Christie and I jumped in the car and headed North.  We rented an...
john di lemme holiday inn

Hotel Shines with Delicious Food and Excellent Customer Service!

I've hosted events at hundreds if not thousands of hotels around the world, but I rarely remember any of them for the food that...
john di lemme memphis

South Charm and Vegan Food at DeJavu!

On our way home from visiting my wife's family in Tennessee, we stayed the night in Memphis.  Prior to leaving for the airport, we...