It’s More about Community than Shipping – UPS


UPS is obviously known worldwide for shipping, but our local UPS store is known for much more than that. While I’m absolutely confident in their shipping, packing, etc., it’s the stores team members that keep me loyal to their business.

john di lemme upsNylah and Nida are the faces of this particular store and have built a sense of community that shows their customers that they truly appreciate them and value their business. These ladies know their regular customers like me and Christie by name, ask about our families, and always make us feel welcome. This is different from most shipping stores that make you feel like a burden or that they are doing you a favor by shipping your packages.

john di lemme upsI’ve seen Nylah and Nida deal with some very difficult customers, but their attitudes never change. They remain focused on providing excellent customer service and maintaining the integrity of the UPS brand. This is truly an example of creating value that exceeds price, because I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my shipping needs even if it was cheaper. They have earned my business and loyalty forever.

Team Members Recognized: Nylah and Nida


Location of Business:
The UPS Store
931 Village Blvd. Ste. 905
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409



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