Prompt Online Service with a Great Attitude!


blank media john di lemmeWhile searching for a new company to handle the demands of my product development and production, I came across a great company Blank Media Printing.

My wife, Christie, reached out to customer service online through their chat and it actually worked. Yes, an online chat with customer service actually worked!  As we all know, that’s very rare that it not only works, but you get to speak with a real person from the company.

A company representative named Andy answered Christie’s questions, provided her with more details, and in the end earned our business. Andy’s attentiveness and patience with a new customer was phenomenal. He also went above and beyond by emailing us samples and provided a detailed walk through of their order system so that our product order could be placed and received by the deadline provided.

Christie said that it was truly one of the best experiences that she’s had with a company that she found online and communicated with virtually.  Andy was prompt with responses and provided guidance that alleviated any concerns that we had with product development and ordering.  We look forward to doing much more business with you Andy!

Team Member Recognized: Andy

Location of Business:
Blank Media Printing –



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