Buyers Matter – Excerpt from the ABCs of Millionaire Marketing


Enjoy this short excerpt (Buyers Matter) from my new book, The ABCs of Millionaire Marketing…

You have heard the saying, “The customer is always right.” If you ever take a job that involves any kind of customer service, it’s a principle you usually hear first. Well, this law is particularly true because ultimately, your buyers are the heart of your business.

If you didn’t have buyers, you wouldn’t have revenue. In turn, you wouldn’t have a standing business. Your buyers have invested in your product or service and they depend on you to take care of them.  They trust that your services will solve their problems.

When your buyers know that they can trust you to solve those problems, they will continue to use your services and will refer others to you as well.

Think about the businesses you have come to trust because of the track record you have with them.  Then consider the businesses that you no longer do business with because you can’t trust them to solve your needs.

Keep in mind that the size of the purchase doesn’t matter!  Unfortunately, most business owners focus solely on the larger purchases and completely ignore customers who make smaller purchases.

Who’s to say that certain buyers won’t purchase more expensive items in the future? And you never know if clients who make smaller purchases are the ones referring your clients who make the bigger purchases.

Once again, the size of the purchase doesn’t matter.  All your buyers are equally important, because they are all keeping your business alive. So treat them all equally.

Isn’t that powerful!  Just wait until you read the entire book…it’s packed full of customer service strategies and marketing tips that I guarantee will catapult your business.

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