Sugary Sweet Treats and Customer Service with a Smile!


While visiting North Carolina, my wife, Christie and I found a great frozen yogurt shop called Menchies.  As we entered the brightly colored store, we were greeted by an awesome Menchies team member. He was super positive even when we told him that we were vegan. 🙂  Then he proceeded show us the sorbet flavors and helped us make a delicious bowl.  We were so impressed that we went back the following evening before we left town.  

Menchies John Di LemmeAfter we arrived back home in West Palm Beach, we searched for a Menchies and found one within ten minutes of our home.  We excitedly visited the shop and were greeted as soon as we opened the door by Ishy.  She had a wonderful attitude and was genuinely excited that we were there.  She also told us about the Smileage Club and got us registered. Ishy exuded happiness, and you could tell that she absolutely loved her job and customers.

We have visited the store several times since and recommended it to friends that had never heard of the chain.  Ishy has been there to greet us and treat us like Menchies family.  She not only provides extreme customer service with her awesome attitude, but also takes pride in her job by cleaning and organizing the shop when she isn’t helping customers.  Great job Ishy!  

Team Member Recognized: Ishy, Team Member

Location of Business:
Menchies Frozen Yogurt
PGA Commons
5100 PGA Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418






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