Lowe’s EXPOSED During Hurricane Irma!


Here in South Florida, we are preparing for Hurricane Irma to possibly ravage our beautiful state.  Preparation for our household means putting up hurricane shutters and getting our other properties ready for tons of rain and wind. My wife, Christie, begrudgingly headed to Lowe’s for sand. To no surprise, the store was very busy, and many shoppers were a little frantic to say the least. She asked one of the Lowe’s team members named Carl where the sand was located. Carl walked her through the mass of shoppers buying plywood only to find that all of the sand was gone except for one bag with a small hole in it. Carl immediately started offering other options and discounted the torn bag to $2.00.

john di lemme lowesAnother team member, Trish, told Christie that there was likely more sand in the garden section and offered to walk with her all the way across the store to find more sand. As they made their way through the maze of shoppers, Christie thanked Trish for helping her and being so friendly during such a stressful time especially when some of the customers were so rude to Trish and the other team members. Unfortunately, there was no sand in the garden center; however, there were other alternatives. Trish helped Christie load the supplies on her cart and recommended that she check out at the garden center since there wasn’t a line.  Trish immediately started helping other customers as Christie headed out of the store.

We want to send a huge THANK YOU to Trish and EXPOSE her *5* star customer service! Trish was not only helpful, but kind and patient. Christie and I along with thousands of other South Floridians appreciate Trish, Carl, and the rest of the Lowe’s team members for assisting us with our hurricane prep.

As customers, we need to remember that these people have families too. They have to prepare for the hurricane just like we do, but instead they are at work helping us. A big shout out to Trish’s husband, who is a police officer that will be working to keep us safe during the hurricane.

Team Member Recognized: Trish

Location of Business:
4701 Okeechobee Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL 33417, Store #1962



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