Pizza Served with a Smile Despite the Splashes!


john di lemme gatlinburgMy wife and I along with my in-laws and two nieces (ages 4 & 7) visited Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the July 4th holiday last month. It was a great trip that got even better when we stumbled upon Big Daddy’s Pizzeria right in the heart of Gatlinburg. Our server, CJ, not only served up some delicious pizza, but he went above and beyond to make sure that we had the absolute best experience.

Our niece, Ale, spilled her drink not once but twice and began to cry. CJ did a great job of reassuring her that it was okay and cleaned up the mess. The kids (and adults) insisted that we return to the restaurant again the following evening in which CJ was prepared with cups that had better fitting lids to prevent the “splashes.” He also gave the kids small pizza dough balls so that they could make their own pizza.

As a Italian from Yonkers, New York, I can confidently say based on the amount that I ate that the pizza was excellent. All of the team members were upbeat and the decor showed just how much they cared about their customers.

john di lemme marketing

john di lemme marketing

The managers also took the time to tell us about the owners and the other Johnson Family Restaurants. I was truly inspired by their words about how much they loved the owners, the company, etc. and how all of the employees were taken care of during the fires in 2016. A HUGE shout out to the Johnson Family Restaurant owners for truly caring about your team members!

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that we will visit Big Daddy’s when we visit Gatlinburg again…I’m looking forward to enjoying their delicious veggie pizza!

Team Member Recognized: CJ – Waiter/Server

Location of Business:
Big Daddy’s Pizzeria
714 River Rd.
Gatlinburg, TN 37738



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