Awesome Fitness Trainer Cares About Clients!


john di lemme orangetheoryRarely do I recognize fitness trainers for their customer service, because too many trainers are more focused on selling gym members than actually helping their clients get fit. Martin Rosa is definitely an exception.

My wife, Christie, and some of my clients go to OrangeTheory Fitness studio in West Palm Beach, Florida. They often rave about the awesome workouts, but Martin’s Tornado Tuesday sessions seem to be their favorite. The workouts are tough, and Martin enthusiastically pushes them beyond what they think is possible for themselves – mentally and physically.  He has also takes time before, during, and after class to help them with their form and answer questions. Martin goes above and beyond his actual job and is laser-focused on each and every client in his classes achieving their next level of fitness.  Way to go Martin!

Team Member Recognized: Martin Rosa – Head Trainer

Location of Business:
OrangeTheory Fitness
1900 Okeechobee Blvd. Bay A-1
West Palm Beach, Florida, FL 33409

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  1. Martin is indeed an awesome trainer, deserving of recognition and a huge pay raise.. 🙂 Thanks for having a good eye on proper form and safety…


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